Who We Are


Dor Dotson (President) founded Genuine Article in 2015 and has since worked with a diverse set of creative artists, from filmmakers to distributors to small business owners to film festivals and beyond. She’s worked for DOC NYC for the past four years, has served on festival juries and given talks on crowdfunding to large audiences, and written expert advice on social media for Indiewire.  Before going solo, she worked for 10 years in movie market research, helping studios and filmmakers effectively craft the marketing messages for their films. In her role as crowdfunding consultant, she has helped independent filmmakers raise over $250,000 towards bringing their visions to life.

Twitter: @DorDotson

Josh Johnson (Chief C1reative Officer) is a product of the home video generation, a lifelong film obsessive with an interest in the furthest reaches of global cinema. In addition to roles in acquisitions, marketing and PR, he has written for various movie publications, programmed for international film festivals, and directed a collection of distinctive music videos and shorts.He made his feature directorial debut with REWIND THIS!, which premiered at SXSW 2013.

Twitter: @IPFJosh