We are early adopters of crowdfunding for films and and bring robust experience across multiple platforms to address your needs.

Contact us today to tell us about what you’re working on – we’d love to help! Our support is customized to fit your needs in these areas:


  • Help determine best platform and optimal financial goal
  • Help design rewards packages for maximum interest and minimum cost
  • Build a comprehensive backer communication schedule (updates)
  • Create and maintain a high level project timeline across various roles and responsibilities, including:
    • Pre-launch tasks
    • Campaign roll-out (soft/full launch)
    • Backer communication
    • New perks and project updates to maximize reach
  • Oversee the collection of feedback pre-launch, and the analysis and action steps resulting from that feedback

Design & Copywriting

  • Design high-level campaign layout that sends a message of accessibility, artistry and professionalism (using existing assets or helping create new ones)
  • Write compelling and persuasive copy

PR and Influencer Outreach

  • Determine key press and influencer targets
  • Aid in securing and scheduling coverage and partnerships

Audience Outreach

  • Identify relevant core and secondary audiences
  • Devise and facilitate partnerships to maximize exposure

Social Media Management

  • Create strategy for what, when and where to maintain a social media presence
  • Handle day-to-day oversight across all designated platforms
  • Interact with existing and potential supporters


  • Oversee delivery of promised perks


Drop us a note and let’s chat about what you’re working on.