Our Philosophy

We believe the strongest and most impactful work originates from artists who can express themselves authentically. Our mission is to magnify the true voice of those films, brands and individuals, connecting them with intelligent audiences who are looking for resonant and genuine film experiences.



Your audience  understands what marketing people have known for a long time: that good social media marketing entertains and informs first, and promotes second.

Your customers want you to be you.  They demand it.  And they know when you haven’t kept that promise. When you’re not you… When your marketing, especially your social media marketing outreach, is inauthentic?   Something breaks.  Opportunities for new connections fall flat, and even existing ones can be compromised.

Genuine Article is run by a team of creative professionals who know firsthand  how much of yourself you put into the work that you do.  Your mom was right: you’re amazing just the way you are, and we know how to communicate that to new audiences without overlaying phony marketing BS that will make you feel yucky.  It’s our job to help tell the world about you and what you made, by highlighting the parts of you and your work that you’re most proud of, and in a manner that matches who you are.

Got a creative project you’re thinking of crowdfunding? Thinking about raising your social media profile? Drop us a note today.