Genuine Article Crowdfunding Class

If you represent a group of filmmakers (or students of filmmaking), why not bring an crowdfunding expert to help provide essential best practices when it comes to successfully raising funds for their next project?

Crowdfunding Class

We deliver an interactive and engaging Intro to Crowdfunding talk, perfect for film schools, industry organizations or any group of filmmakers who are open to crowdfunding their next creative project.

Here’s a bit more about what we cover:

  • Tailored to match the audience’s experience level, their film’s budget class, and fundraising potential
  • Demonstrates concepts and best practices using examples from real campaigns
  • Infused with on-the-fly tips as they pertain to your participants’ actual upcoming projects
  • Comprehensive course that concisely addresses all aspects of crowdfunding, touching on all of these topics and more:
    • Major misconceptions that can derail you
    • Setting and meeting your goal
    • Preparation timeline including essential milestones
    • Video fundamentals
    • Campaign graphics
    • Leveraging social media and press

Pricing: Affordable! Based on your location and desired length of the presentation.

If you have a group that might benefit from a comprehensive course in crowdfunding, drop us a note now to learn more.