Crowdfunding Services

Crowdfunding can be one of the most exciting, but also one of the most stressful and emotionally-draining aspects of making a film.  Working with the right consultant can help you survive the crowdfunding process with enough energy and funds to complete the most important task of finishing your film and getting it out in the world!

Genuine Article offers packages that fit the needs of almost any film, regardless of your funding goal or where you are in your campaign preparation process.  Read about how pricing works and check out the variety of options below, designed to ensure you succeed.

Just starting to think about crowdfunding? Let’s get on the phone and chat about your project. We’ll tell you some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid, make some recommendations for crowdfunding your project, and answer as many of your questions as we can get through in an hour.

Pricing: Free! Let’s set up a time to chat.

We deliver an interactive and engaging Intro to Crowdfunding talk, perfect for film schools, industry organizations or any group of filmmakers who are open to crowdfunding their next creative project.

Click here to read more about what the presentation includes, plus info on pricing and client testimonials, and if you have a group that might benefit from a comprehensive course in crowdfunding, drop us a note now to learn more.

What do you need help with? Overall campaign strategy (goal-setting, copy-writing, designing compelling rewards and a great video)? PR? Strategic partnerships? Social media management?

Based on your specific needs and your funding goal, we can build a custom support package that is affordable and makes sense for you.

We’ll be your guide through the process, over the phone and via email. We’ll walk you through important steps / milestones and build the strategy that you and your team will implement.

Pricing: Flat rate, completely customized and based on the degree of support you need. Send us a note now to tell us about your project and what you need help with!

Before you launch, we go through your campaign and deliver a custom PDF report overflowing with actionable feedback and recommendations — basically, a roadmap for maximizing the amount of funds you can raise.

This completely custom report is broken down by key sections like Goal, Campaign Copy, Rewards, Campaign Communication and Partners + Press.

Click here to read lots more details about the robust advice this report includes.

Pricing: $199 including 48 hour turnaround! Need feedback on your imminently-launching campaign? Contact us now to start the process!


For projects that merit and can afford it, we also offer end-to-end management where in addition to building a custom strategy, we take the lead on executing that strategy.

Pricing: Customized, including a set-up fee and a percentage of funds raised. Get in touch today to find out if your project is a good fit!