Complimentary Consultation


Starting to think about crowdfunding, but not sure what your next steps should be?  No problem. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation! That sounds sales-y, but what we really mean is this: email us, and we’ll set up a call where we give you an hour’s worth of free advice about crowdfunding your film. 

What might we talk about?

  • Your goal: what you must evaluate before you can determine what you’ll aim to raise
  • Audience outreach: harnessing the interest of existing audiences, building awareness amongst new ones
  • Your story: how to authentically communicate the urgent and inspiring nature of your project
  • Timing: how much time you should allow for each stage in the lifecycle of your campaign
  • Platform: Critical considerations to take into account when choosing your preferred crowdfunding site
  • What else? Your call.  Email us, and then start making a list of all your questions — we’ll get you sorted.

We love talking about movies! Even if you’re not sure you’ll be hiring someone, it can be inspiring and fun to spend some time chatting about your project.

Send us a note today to get the ball rolling.